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April 2, 2015 – Webinar on Quality Control and Your Clinical Trial

Lorraine will be providing a free webinar on: “Building Quality Control into your Clinical Trial” on Thursday, April 2, 2015, at 3pm EDT.

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Two new Case Studies

Are you conducting IVD trials or have a trial that has an adjudication component? Read our 2 new Case Studies on how we used our trial technology to improve communication and conduct these trials more efficiently in real time.

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Our products and training services can be ordered online.

Greetings from Lorraine Ellis

Welcome to Research Dynamics! We are celebrating 20 years of providing CRO services, training, and consulting.

Our focus has always been on our clients. We concentrate on providing flexible services and every project gets our detailed attention and customization. Proactivity, communication and collaboration are the tools we use to exceed our customer’s expectations. Our value, expertise and experience maximize your investment and minimize the risks of your clinical trials.

During the past 20 years clinical research has changed and so has Research Dynamics. We have integrated the use of state-of-the-art technology (EDC, CTMS, etc.) with efficient processes to provide you with the highest quality data cost-effectively. We have developed our clinical research model, “Quality data… Delivered by design™“, so that every process builds in quality rather than monitoring it in after the data are collected.

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Featured Whitepaper
Integrating Trial Data Processes Across Functional Areas Using Electronic Data Capture (EDC) Technology

A joint effort with Datatrak

"One common theme in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industry is the constant pressure to accelerate development of drugs, biologics and products to market. Improvements usually tend to focus on one aspect of the development workflow at a time. One of the processes that is the most time and effort intensive is..."

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New Post Title: How were you trained for your role in Clinical Research?

After conducting many GCP QA audits, one finding keeps appearing in almost every audit report.. “Inadequate Training”

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Have you updated or reviewed your SOPs lately? There have been some changes in the conduct of clinical trials that may modify your procedures...

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