Quality Data...Delivered by Design™

Quality Data...Delivered by Design™

Investigator Recruitment

Research Dynamics is the CRO recommended by investigators. We maintain relationships with an extensive network of experienced investigators who want to work with us again.

RDCG has decades of experience in identifying, qualifying and selecting investigators. We start with our investigator database and evaluate each investigator according to the demands of the protocol and the project. We recruit additional investigators that are stellar in the therapeutic area and experienced in clinical research through commercial investigator databases, previous site experience and other information sources.

Once we have a group of potential investigators we conduct feasibility studies to ensure that the protocol is practical for the site, the site can implement the protocol, and the enrollment rate meets your criteria. This activity screens out unqualified investigators and decreases the number of site qualification visits since only investigators who pass the feasibility screening are visited.

With our corporate roots and experience in training, we provide GCP and protocol training for all site personnel to ensure a quality performance. We have already trained thousands of site personnel who became successful researchers.

Many companies do not have the experience or expertise to recruit and select investigators because, in many cases, this is their first product or first product in the therapeutic area moving through clinical trials. Site recruitment and selection is one of the most critical activities for the success of the project as patient enrollment, data quality and protocol/GCP compliance depend on the site. Research Dynamics has decades of experience in locating and selecting the best sites for your trial to insure its success.

Although we like to start our site management services with selecting the investigator sites, we will also work with your decisions on investigator sites.