Quality Data...Delivered by Design™

Quality Data...Delivered by Design™

Press Release: June 1, 2003

Research Dynamics creates web-based e-learning program to test and update RD's regional CRAs' GCP training

Research Dynamics, a premier provider of clinical research services, announced today an e-learning and training program for clinical research professionals. Research Dynamics has built a proprietary program for the on-line qualification of Research Dynamics' regionally based CRAs and other clinical research professionals. Lorraine Ellis, President and CEO of Research Dynamics, believes the e-learning approach will become the industry standard for ensuring CRAs are qualified and trained appropriately prior to the initiation of clinical trials. "The web-based portal provides a uniform, cost effective, and high quality resolution to ensure protocol and regulatory compliance at our clinical sites. Our goal is to provide web-based training for all clinical projects, not only for our monitors, but for clinical investigators and sponsor firms as well."

Training regionally based CRAs uniformly in a cost-effective manner has long been a problem for the industry. Research Dynamics web-based platform requires CRAs to take a pre-test prior to the completion of a module-driven training program. Each module must be completed and passed before the CRA is qualified for the study. In this way, clients can be assured site monitoring is uniform across sites, leading to more reliable and consistent data. The system will be launched and demonstrated at the Research Dynamics booth at the Drug Information Association Meeting in San Antonio, Texas.