Quality Data...Delivered by Design™

Quality Data...Delivered by Design™

Press Release: November 1, 2003

Thomas Hynds joins Research Dynamics Consulting Group as the Director of Clinical Operations

With business continuing to increase, as evidenced by Research Dynamics making the Rochester Top 100 list again in 2003, Mr. Thomas Hynds is welcomed by Research Dynamics as the new Director, Clinical Operations. Tom will oversee all aspects of the department, will serve as a Client Liaison with existing clients, and will assist the Business Development Department in its initiatives.

Research Dynamics, a 10 year old organization based in Rochester, NY, employs 25 people at that location and 30 regionally based subcontractors throughout the country. The company has been active of late forging strategic alliances with forward thinking partners to better position the company for continued growth. Ms. Ellis adds, "Research Dynamics will continue to pursue opportunities consistent with our vision of providing technology-based, efficient clinical research services for our pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients."

Previous employment included Hoechst-Roussel Pharmaceuticals (now Aventis), Oxford Research International Corp and Barton and Polansky Associates, Inc (now Icon Clinical Research). Tom has published in scientific journals, and taught GCP, IND/NDA and Protocol Writing courses for many years with the Center for Professional Advancement. While at Oxford Research he served as the Liaison to the Institutional Review Board under the Auspices of Oxford Research. Tom has worked on many successful programs leading to numerous FDA approvals during his career.