Quality Data...Delivered by Design™

Quality Data...Delivered by Design™

Project Management

Our Project Managers respond quickly to client needs, anticipate problems and provide solutions. We provide the trial management that sponsors need, and the relationship that is necessary to succeed.

Since we know that project management is the key to a successful trial, our Project Managers “own” their projects and expect to be fully accountable for outcomes. They use state-of-the-art technology to be in real-time communication with the site, sponsor and RDCG team to maintain control of the project.

We provide experienced Project Managers (PM) that are committed to your project and ensure that it is completed on time and within budget. With an average of 10-20 years in the industry, our PMs build the team interaction between the sponsor and RDCG using excellent communication and interpersonal skills, project management experience, and exceptional problem-solving skills. To maintain central project control they serve as the primary point of contact (POC) for all team members: sponsor, sites, monitors, and RDCG staff.

We work closely with the sponsor to keep them fully informed about the progress of the trial on a continuous and “real time” basis. Our communication plans are customized to the methods required by the sponsor and include weekly teleconferences, regular emails, and standard/custom reports. Our CTMS system provides “real time” reports on the progress of the trial and the status of all trial documents.

Our Project Managers plan, track and monitor the activities during the trial to ensure optimal performance by every team member from monitors to site personnel. RDCG’s senior management provides oversight to ensure the trial is managed to timelines, budget, and objectives. In addition our company’s processes are designed to maximize communications and speed data flow for rapid study conduct.

From the start our PMs develop a strong relationship with the sponsor based on our clearly-defined expectations and objectives for the PM:

  • Maintain point of communication for project team and sponsor
  • Offer a flexible proactive approach to resolve trial issues promptly and effectively.
  • Provide weekly snapshot of project including identification of potential risks and contingency plans.
  • Become part of the sponsor’s decision making process by offering proactive suggestions and solutions.
  • Ensure consistency in procedures and quality
  • Conduct weekly project meetings to keep on track with deadlines and resources
  • Conduct weekly sponsor conference calls to prevent emerging issues and identify areas to improve before problems develop.
  • Maintain personal and professional ownership of the project

Why do you want your Project Manager to be part of a boutique CRO?
Expertise, value and service.

  • Our Project Managers are equally or more experienced than those from larger CROs. In addition our PMs will allow sponsors to maintain control over decisions to a level of comfort where a larger CRO may take control over the study.
  • Boutique CROs provide more value due to lower operating costs.
  • RDCG focuses on each trial as if it is its own trial because we want the project to succeed and not because of future revenue potential.
  • Boutique CROs provide a higher level of trial detail because this detail is critical to the life and death decisions of the smaller sponsor.