Quality Data...Delivered by Design™

Quality Data...Delivered by Design™

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RDCG trials powered in real time by Bio-Optronics Clinical Conductor™ Enterprise CTMS

Research Dynamics trials operate in real-time using Clinical Conductor™ Enterprise CTMS. We use this system on all our trials to improve trial workflow, facilitate communication among the different team members, and provide performance metrics. The result provides our clients more efficient trial operations, and a more cost effective trial.

We share up-to-date trial information in the CTMS with our Sponsors and Investigator sites to improve communication, speed execution, and share documents for more efficient trial conduct. Individual portals into the system for each Sponsor and each Site provide security as well as approved access to data or documents in the system.

Our CTMS system is specially designed for both pharmaceutical and device studies. For example, investigational product inventory functions in the CTMS system includes typical pharma product inventory and tracking as well as specific device functions of inventory management including device versions, associated upgrades, calibration and servicing tracking, and documentation of training and certification of device users.

Bio-Optronics’ Clinical Conductor clinical trial management system (CTMS) software provides fast, accurate and efficient workflow throughout the stages of the clinical trial process which has become increasingly important for collaboration among clinical research entities.

CTMS Solutions:

Clinical Conductor™ Enterprise CTMS: For research sponsors, CRO’s, SMO’s and all associated partners, Bio-Optronics offers a collaborative enterprise clinical trial management system (CTMS) that enables pro-active, portfolio-wide clinical trial management across all studies, sites and partners.

Clinical Conductor™ Site CTMS: Bio-Optronics’ clinical trial management solution for investigative sites, networks and academic medical centers provides comprehensive and organized managing and tracking for every aspect of trial execution from patient recruitment to financial management.

Both systems work standalone or integrate with each other to enable seamless collaboration between all research organizations.

ACRP Article - Peer Reviewed June 2011:

Meeting the Real-Time Informational Needs of a Successful Clinical Trial
Lorraine D. Ellis, MS, MBA, CEO Research Dynamics, and Maria Durkin, MBA, COO Bio-Optronics