Quality Data...Delivered by Design™

Quality Data...Delivered by Design™

Track Record

At Research Dynamics, our track record speaks for itself. Please take a moment to view selected accomplishments throughout our years in business.

  • 20+ Years as a CRO
  • 30 years of clinical trial experience
  • Completed studies:
    • Phase I - IV
    • Single and multi-centered
    • Multinational
    • All product classes: Drugs, biologics, devices (510k and PMA), gene therapy, vaccines
  • Completed studies resulting in NDA / PMA approval
  • Met enrollment deadlines even with a mid study clinical hold
  • Saved $750,000 on original multi-year multi-million dollar study budget
  • Recruited and qualified 21 investigators in 3 weeks
  • Identified 70 critical care investigators with direct product experience in 6 weeks
  • Selected and hired 7 regional monitors with specific therapeutic expertise within 1 week to start work within 2 weeks