Quality Data...Delivered by Design™

Quality Data...Delivered by Design™

Clinical Trial Rescue

Clinical studies are complex. The process of clinical product development depends on many interdependent factors. When one aspect of a clinical trial starts failing, there could be a domino effect and your entire trial or development program could fail.

When your clinical study has significant operational issues, it is time to bring in a new team of experts who have the experience to analyze the problems and provide quick and proper corrective action. Research Dynamics has decades of clinical research rescue experience and the expertise to resolve trial problems to get the project back on track quickly

We have rescued many studies and brought them to successful conclusion. Because every rescue is different, our SWAT team of clinical trial experts analyzes the problem first to determine the real cause.  Using their decades of experience, they prepare a custom plan that includes corrective action as well as proactive actions to get your trial back on track. 

There can be many reasons for a trial rescue:

  • Poor CRO performance or failure to meet deadlines.
  • Need for increased clinical services such as monitoring, data management, or site management.
  • Change in project scope that requires additional resources or expertise
  • Project deadlines are accelerated
  • Project resources are lost due to downsizing, loss of priority, turnover, or other causes
  • Declining vendor performance
  • Inexperienced internal staff

Whatever the cause, Research Dynamics has met the challenges and has resolved the issues over and over again. Read about our latest rescue case study here.

Some of oursolutions:

  • Emergency or increased site monitoring (immediate on-site capability)
  • Emergency site auditing.
  • Issue analysis and solutions
  • Medical writing
  • Data analysis

Every trial has its difficulties but you don’t want these difficulties to become set backs. Our clinical experts can rescue your trial, provide corrective actions and perform trial activities to get it back on track so your development plans continue successfully and deadlines are met. Contact lellis@resdyncg.com to discuss your rescue.